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Property Cleanup Escondido, CA

Do you have a property that you either just bought, or you are trying to sell that needs to be cleaned up?  We can have your property ready for prime time in no time!  We are property cleanup specialists so whether you have a trash can full, or a trailer full of junk, we can get it off of your property and free up your life.

Property Cleanup in Escondido


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Real Estate Cleanup

We all know that having junk on a property can be a major turn off for potential buyers, or just for visitors in general.  If you want to make your best first impression, you need to get that trash hauled off.  A clean property can help make that crucial first impression, and help bring top dollar if you’re trying to sell a property.   

Some of the reasons you might need our services include:


When someone get foreclosed on their house, they tend to not care how they leave the property.  There can be a lot of junk left behind, and even some damage to the property.


If your property is lender-owned, you’re going to want to do everything you can to get it sold quick.  Property cleanup and junk removal is a huge part of that.


Proper cleanup and staging is crucial for the sale of any house or property.  No one wants to be looking at or stepping over junk when they are taking a tour of the property. 


Similar to foreclosures, evictions can be just as destructive.  People who get evicted may want to make it as difficult as possible for the owner to rent the property out again.  Let’s get it cleaned up!

Tenant Move-Outs

Sometimes, just regular tenant move-outs can require a lot of cleanup before the property can be rented out again.  If your tenant left a bunch of junk or old furniture, call us and we will take care of it for you!